It's time to press rewind on the past seven days.

Background notes: How the not-so-silent cinema created a love for music

In the earliest years of cinema, sound-less films were often played with musical accompaniments. Read more here.

The Amitabh Bachchan interview: 'Celebrities should take trolling and abuse in their stride'

Abusers are like the black mark that mothers put on their children to ward off evil, says the thespian, who features in the upcoming movie ‘Pink’. Read more here.

All these years later, nobody has chronicled the Partition like Ritwik Ghatak

The Bengali director’s films are one of the most powerful artistic articulations of the trauma of displacement after the Partition. Read more here.

Between two films called ‘Events in a Cloud Chamber’ lies a short history of radical art in India

Ashim Ahluwalia revisits Akbar Padamsee’s forgotten film from 1969 by using the same title and a new form. Read more here.

The ‘Prabhat touch’: How the legendary studio became a respectable workplace for actresses

The production company created a ‘home-like atmosphere’ that allowed women to make their mark in the early years of cinema. Read more here.