Hindi movie star Priyanka Chopra was named Hollywood’s “It girl” by Harper’s Bazaar magazine for 2015 following her American TV debut in Quantico. Since then, Chopra has notched up several Stateside appearances. Her second single, Exotic, featured American rapper Pitbull, and she was the only Indian in RedOne’s music video, Don’t You Need Somebody. Chopra is steadily emerging as the go-to Indian face for American screens – the most recent appearance being with Hollywood actor and filmmaker Jodie Foster. They both delivered their rendition of Britney Spears’s 2007 hit song Toxic.

The video of Chopra and Foster reading out the lyrics of Toxic is the brainwave of W. The magazine had previously recruited Halle Berry to deliver a dramatic monologue with the lyrics of Oops!... I Did it Again.


In the new version of Toxic, Foster seems apprehensive about the less-than-deep lyrics, while Chopra channels her inner diva. Foster chooses to read out the lyrics with a straight face, reminding the viewers of someone who clearly missed Spears’s stardom by a generation. “Don’t you know that you’re toxic?” asks Foster, looking slightly bewildered. “Is that a question? It keeps coming up, this question.”

Chopra, however, knows better than to waste time on trying to find the meaning behind such lyrics as like “Baby, can’t you see. I’m calling. A guy like you should wear a warning. You’re dangerous. I’m falling”. She hams it up for the camera and puts her throaty voice to good use.