Would you rather wage war against a mythological creature or rage against a contemporary evil? A short film is hoping to change perceptions about how Dusshera and Diwali, two of the biggest festivals in the Hindu calendar, are celebrated.

The 3.43-minute film on YouTube features four men discussing the making of an effigy of Raavan. The film is titled Dhuavan, a play on the words dhua (smoke) and Raavan. An early morning chat between the friends results in them opting for an eco-friendly version of Dusshera.

The director, 23-year-old Dinesh Bhutani, is a resident of Delhi who wants to spread the word about the alarming rise in pollution. “Asthma is hereditary in my family, so this cause is close to my heart,” he told Scroll.in.

According to an ANI report, air pollution in India claims a life every 23 seconds. According to a study by the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology, life expectancy in Delhi has gone down by 6.4 years.

Dhuavan offers a reality check on the threat of pollution with a gruesome reminder on how human begins are running out of time. The film includes animation to make its point.