An early teaser for Hansal Mehta’s new movie Simran was little more than a chronicle of Kangana Ranaut’s acting range. The plot that remained elusive has finally come into view in the full-fledged trailer. Praful (Ranaut) is a bubbly divorcee with a cheesy sense of humour who becomes a goofy bank robber to fuel her addiction to gambling. Her new boyfriend (Sohum Shah) barely believes her, and even her potential victims look on in wonder as she giggles her way to ill-begotten lucre. The comedy will be released on September 15.

The movie has been inspired by the “Bombshell Bandit”, as American bank robber Sandeep Kaur was known. Sandeep Kaur held up banks for a two-month period in 2014 before being arrested. She is “a robber who is an educated professional female, and a Sikh... in the history of the United States you will not find another bank robber with this profile”, said a crime psychologist in a richly detailed BBC profile.

Simran (2017).