Tamil star Ajith has launched a preemptive strike against trolls who might be displeased with reviews of his upcoming movie Vivegam. Ahead of the highly anticipated August 24 release, the reclusive star has issued a statement through his lawyers that warns against attacks in his name.

Nothing that Ajith has no social media footprint whatsoever, the statement reads, “Persons misusing our client’s name have also been trolling members of the film industry, journalists, critics and other individuals. While it is important to identify such miscreants and hold them accountable, our client unconditionally apologises for any hurt or harm caused.”

The statement cautioned against “a few unauthorised self-proclaimed individuals, groups and associations” who pass off “their personal views and opinion on social and political issues under the guise and likeness of our client, through the unauthorised use of our client’s name and image.”

Ajith’s statement is in stark contrast to his rival Vijay, who stayed silent for days as his fans viciously attacked The News Minute’s editor-in-chief Dhanya Rajendran over an innocuous tweet about one of Vijay’s movies. Vijay eventually offered a generic statement condemning online attacks on women, but did not criticise his fans for their behaviour.