Under a new directive from the Central Board of Film Certification, filmmakers will now learn about the fate of their films only after the board issues the final certificate, reported DNA. Until recently, members of the board would communicate their decision informally after a screening of the film. But Prasoon Joshi, the new chairman of the Central Board of Film Certification, has asked members of the board to refrain from do so, the paper said.

The decision was taken after the confusion surrounding the rating of Andre Muschetti’s It, added the newspaper.

The decision has been seen by some as an inconvenience. “Earlier, we were at least told about the problematic scenes, if any, so we could take care of them,” a filmmaker told the newspaper. “Now, we will be in the dark till the certificate is issued. This way, precious time will be lost. Sometimes, we have just two-three days between the board viewing a film and its release. This new policy may cause delays.”