The second season of Blue Planet will surface on October 29 on BBC One in the United Kingdom. Exploring the planet’s oceans and their rich marine and underwater creatures, the BBC series promises to take full advantage of high definition technology to brings the wonders of nature to television screens.

The seven-part series has been filmed over 125 expeditions and four years and in 39 countries. The BBC teams “filmed across every ocean and spent over 6,000 hours diving underwater to bring us closer than ever before to the captivating lives of some of the most extraordinary sea creatures”, said a press release.

The deleterious effects of climate change will be tackled across the series right from the first episode. One Ocean includes surfing dolphins, light displays by mobula rays, a partnership between false killer whales and bottlenose dolphins, and rising ocean temperatures in the Polar north. The episodes have been narrated by David Attenborough and scored by Hans Zimmer.

Blue Planet II.