Mayank Singh and Silky Agarwal’s short film Ishq Ki Dava is an adaptation of American short story writer O Henry’s The Love-Philtre of Ikey Schoenstein (1906). Ikey Schoenstein and Chunk become Akki and Chunky, and the tale of an awkward pharmacist becomes one of a reserved herb doctor for hemorrhoids in rural India. And the results are amusing.

The 18-minute film is the first in a series titled Purane Panne, which aims to adapt celebrated literary works into short films. Henry’s novella tells the amusing story of Ikey Schoenstein, a pharmacist who tries to win the heart of his landlord’s daughter with little luck.

In the Indian adaptation, Akki (Mayank Singh) is a small-time doctor who dreams about Bela (Gneya Trivedi), a grumpy neighbor with a burly father. Bela is oblivious to Akki’s advances and falls for his friend Chunky (Sahil Monga) instead. When Chunky comes to the burned-out doctor seeking a love potion, Akki has a plan.

Ishq ki Dava (2017).