Script writer Ere Gowda’s directorial debut Balekempa (Bangle Seller) has been chosen at the Work-In-Progress Lab at the NFDC Film Bazaar 2017, reported The Times of India. The Thithi script writer’s film, which reportedly features non-actors from Mandya, is among the five films chosen at the Bazaar.

Gowda’s script for Thithi (2016) too was picked up by the lab in 2014.

At the lab this year, Gowda spent four days with mentors who watched his film. “The four days I spent with them were very nice,” he told the publication. “I am lucky to have got good mentors — Derek Malcolm (film critic), Marco Mueller (festival director, Pingyao International Film Festival), Philippa Campbell (producer,) Olivia Stewart (producer) and Jacques Comets (editor). They wasted no time and got straight to the film, discussing technical aspects and giving me priceless feedback. The mentors gauge our potential, support our ideas and have several discussions. I am a self-taught filmmaker and have learnt by watching and understanding. So, it goes without saying that it has helped me immensely.”