Actress Parvathy was attacked online by Mammootty fans after she spoke out against purportedly misogynistic lines voiced by the Malayalam superstar in a recent hit film. The Qarib Qarib Singlle actress was speaking at the Women in Cinema Collective at the ongoing International Film Festival of Kerala.

According to a report in The Times of India, in a reference to Mammootty’s 2016 release Kasaba, Parvathy said, “I had watched a film recently, to my bad luck. With all respect to the makers, the film disappointed me, as it featured a great actor spitting totally misogynistic dialogues. A lot of people feel cinema reflects life and society, so when a superstar mouths such a dialogue, people might think its sexy and cool.” While Parvathy did not name the film at first, she did so after being prompted by a fellow panellist.

Earlier, the Kerala’s Women’s Commission had sent a notice to Kasaba’s makers in July for insulting women through “sub-standard dialogues.”

Soon after her statement, Parvathy began to receive abusive messages on social media. In a post on Twitter, the actress addressed the hate and clarified her stance.

Parvathy also received support from Twitter users for taking a bold stance.