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Watch: Clip from upcoming animated adaptation of Jack London’s ‘White Fang’

The sequence was screened at the Sundance Film Festival.

A clip from an upcoming animated version of Jack London’s classic 1906 novel White Fang was screened on Sunday at the Sundance Film Festival. The film is expected to be released later this year.

London’s novel is told from the point of view of its titular protagonist, a wolfdog that becomes domesticated and serves his master loyally. Previous adaptations include feature films and an animated television series. The latest movie has been directed by Alexander Espigares, who co-directed the Oscar-winning short film Mr Hubolt in 2013. The film combines motion capture and cell animation. The voice cast includes Rashida Jones and Nick Offerman.

The clip was screened at Sundance by producer Big Beach, whose titles include Little Miss Sunshine, Chop Shop, Loving and an upcoming animated version of Charlie Chaplin’s The Kid.

“Animation allowed us to tell the story the way that London did in the book, from the vantage point of the Wolf,” Big Beach co-founder Peter Saraf told Deadline. “The book is on school curriculums in 75 countries, and it is the kind of thrilling subject matter that parents are searching for to take their kids and we are looking for the right domestic distributor to release it on 300-500 screens.”

White Fang.
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Innovations in payment options are making premium products more accessible

No need for documentation or applications to own high-quality items

Credit cards have long been associated with an aspirational lifestyle. The ability to buy something out of your wish list without needing to pay the entire amount can tempt even the most disciplined shoppers. A designer couch, the latest mobile phone, a home entertainment system or a car, as long as you can pay back the borrowed amount within the grace period, your credit card purchases know no bounds.

However, credit cards, pre-approved or not, come with a number of complications. The tedious application procedure starts with the collection and submission of various documents. Moreover, there are several reasons your credit card application might get rejected including low income that compromises your repayment capability, certain occupations or work history, mistakes in the application form, possession of multiple cards or even a failed physical verification attempt. While applying for a credit card might have become easier, the success of the application can take time and effort.

Credit card owners are regaled with benefits all year round with attractive EMIs, offers on purchases, airline miles, lounge access, cashbacks and a plethora of exclusive deals. It’s worth noting that debit card owners don’t get even half of these benefits and offers, despite the sheer size of the debit card customer base in the country (846.7 million compared to 36.2 million credit card holders).

This imbalance of finance and purchase options between credit card and debit card owners is slowly changing. For instance, the new EMIs on debit card feature on Flipkart ensures affordability and accessibility to Indian consumers who don’t own credit cards. The payment innovation increases the purchasing power of the consumer. By providing credit access to non-credit card holders, expensive and high-quality products are made more affordable for a large base of customers without denting their cash flow. The video below comically captures a scenario that people who don’t own a credit card will relate to.


Flipkart’s EMIs on debit card feature doesn’t require a minimum account balance, documentation, nor does it charge a processing fee, making online shopping a seamless experience even for more high-end products. To find out if you’re eligible for EMIs on debit card, see here.

This article was produced by the Scroll marketing team on behalf of Flipkart and not by the Scroll editorial team.