Who is that on the phone? Have you had your castor oil dose? Have your bowels moved? Where is that childhood photo in which you are wearing a frock?

And you thought the Aadhar programme violated privacy?

The hilarious Marathi short film Aai, Privacy & Me has been produced by the web channel Bharatiya Digital Party, which is also behind the brilliant mock chat show Casting Couch with Amey & Nipin. A mother (Renuka Daftardar) drives her grown-up children (Mrinmayee Godbole and Alok Rajwade) up the wall with her incessant and tone-deaf meddling. I washed your bottoms as children, so don’t go around lecturing me about privacy, she tells them (the on-point writing is by Varun Narwekar and Sarang Sathaye). The daughter and son come up with a plan to ensure that they can surf the internet and visit the bathroom in peace – it involves downloading the audio book app Storytel.

The short film is a plug for the app, and the latest in a series of short films featuring the family, but it works on its own as a comic skit about mothers who do not know the meaning of personal boundaries.

Aai, Privacy & Me.

Aai and her brood have been deployed to plug products for Ganpati too. Here too, she simply doesn’t let go.

Aai, Bappa & Me: Every Household Ganpati.