With a penchant for wistful nostalgia and cosy domesticity, Yogesh Sehgal and Karunesh Kishan’s short film Ishq ka Safarnama defines how celebrations of romantic love have evolved over time .

An old man (Surendra Sagar) settles for tea with his wife (Sangeeta Pandey) and recollects the many love letters he sent to her four decades ago. When she wonders at Whats App, technology, and other new-fangled trappings of romantic love, he rebuffs her gently. As ancient photograph albums are dusted and memories revived, the couple discusses how technology has changed the face of romantic love for younger generations. But it turns out that their romance has room for supposedly modern gestures of affection.

Ishq ka Safarnama can be viewed on the YouTube Channel of Kachcha Chittha.