Anushka Sharma’s horror film Pari, which was released in India on Friday, has been banned in Pakistan, according to a report in Dawn.

Mobashir Hasan, the chairperson of the Central Board of Film Censors Islamabad, told Dawn that Prosit Roy’s movie “flouts various sections of Code of Censorship for Films”. Among the reasons cited by Hasan: the movie “contains numerous scenes of black magic with Quranic verses and Hindu mantras being recited together”. The movie was declared “unsuitable for public exhibition as it contradicts the existing rules and codes”, Hasan added.

According to a source who spoke to Dawn, Pari had been initially cleared by the Sindh and Punjab censor boards with an adult certificate. The clearance was revoked after the Islamabad board banned the film.

Pari has been released in India with an adult certificate. The supernatural thriller, which also stars Parambrata Chatterjee, explores the strange events that follow after Chatterjee’s character rescues Sharma’s shackled character.

Pari (2018).