Kangana Ranaut declared her admiration for Prime Minister Narendra Modi and recommended that young Indians stop complaining about social and economic problems at a session at the News18 Rising India Summit on Saturday.

“I am a big Modi fan because for me… the success story, as a young woman, we need to have right models,” said Ranaut, who is shooting for the historical Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi. “I mean the graph and the ambition of an ordinary man, and whenever we have a PM who is a chaiwala, then I always say that it is not his victory but it is the victory of my democracy. I am a big fan and I feel he is the right role model.”

Ranaut also spoke about the nepotism debate that she had ignited on Karan Johar’s talk show Koffee With Karan in 2017. “Nepotism is a prevalent system… It became a national debate because it was in everybody’s conscience,” she said. “My comments just acted as a catalyst, because Karan Johar is such a popular person.”

While commenting on the summit’s theme, ‘Rising India’, Ranaut declared that she was a “proud 21st Century Indian girl” who would “stand for my national anthem”. She said, “I am a proud Indian. And I think the self-respect of our people needs to rise. Nowadays, it’s cool to say bad things about your own nation. The young generation is always complaining, saying there’s no infrastructure, there’s no cleanliness. This attitude is not okay… We will only rise when our country rises. We need to make that happen ourselves. I want to go abroad and be treated with respect because I’m an Indian, not because I’m someone important.”

On her personal life, which has been the subject of public scrutiny after she accused her alleged former boyfriend Hrithik Roshan of harassing her, Ranaut said, “For me, love is not just physical, it’s spiritual and platonic…My boyfriends have asked me, how do you know everything about my life, it’s black magic, it’s telepathic. It’s how I love. And if my love is psycho, then it’s fine. I’ll find someone else. I am fine being called a witch.”

Ranaut also declared that she always got the short end of the stick in romantic relationships. “I’ve never gotten the chance or had the privilege to dump anyone,” she said. “I was always the one who got dumped. If I told you some of the names, you’d be shocked that even this loser has dumped me. They come back but then I can’t take them back, because by then I’ve moved on to another loser.”

Kangana Ranaut at the News18 Rising India Summit.