DC’s Superman Henry Cavill has bid goodbye to his mustache – and in the process proven that his comic timing in on point and that he can accomplish many feats besides saving a Metropolis.

In an Instagram video posted on Wednesday, Cavill showed off his clean shaven look and paid a touching tribute to his mustache (which he refers to as “King Stache”). The video has all the elements of an ode: dramatic pauses, slow panning, a thoughtful confession, close-ups, and old footage of a mustached Cavill edited to I Will Remember You by Sarah McLachlan.

Cavill assures his fans in the video, titled Shaved But Not Forgotten: “This is not CGI. He’s [the mustache] really gone.”


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The actor had grown the mustache for his role in the upcoming spy action thriller Mission Impossible – Fallout. But the mustache had a fallout of its own: it stood in the way of his superhero film Justice League (2017). While Superman’s character is and has always been clean shaven, a mustached Cavill was contract-bound by Paramount, the producers of Mission Impossible – Fallout, to retain his facial fuzz.

In November, after the release of Justice League, the legion of DC Comics and Superman fans were aghast to find that the filmmakers airbrushed the mustache off Cavill’s face, leaving Superman with an awkward upper lip. This also added millions to Justice League’s budget and the film went on to perform modestly at the global box office.