Amoli chronicles the process that converts young girls into sexual consignments. As the documentary gathers testimonies from the victims, their families, anti-trafficking activists and pimps, it sketches a deeply unsettling picture of child sex trafficking in India.

Directed by National award-winning filmmakers Jasmine Kaur and Avinash Roy and produced by Culture Machine, the 30-minute documentary travels to cities and villages, homes and public spaces, schools and brothels to trace the journey of the girls who are abducted for prostitution. The title refers to a girl from Siliguri who went missing.

The most harrowing accounts are provided by young victims who managed to escape. “He ravaged me like an animal while having sex,” a 14-year-old girl tells the camera. “I guess he liked that.” With an eerie matter-of-factness, she goes on to describe the treatment she received at the hands of the man who bought her: she was bound, bitten and burned.

Amoli has been released on Culture Machine’s YouTube channel in seven languages. The Hindi version has been narrated by actor Rajkummar Rao. The other versions have been narrated by Kamal Haasan (Tamil), Vidya Balan (English), Puneeth Rajkumar (Kannada), Jisshu Sengupta (Bengali), and Nani (Telugu). The film is also available in Marathi.