YouTube is expanding its slate of free-to-watch advertising-supported original series. These include projects by actors Priyanka Chopra and Will Smith and basketball player LeBron James.

Chopra will host If I Could Tell You Just One Thing, a series in which the actress will meet inspiring people from whom she will seek advice about changing the world.

On his 50th birthday in September, Will Smith is reportedly going to bungee-jump out of a helicopter over the Grand Canyon as part of a stunt called The Jump Off, which will be streamed live on YouTube. The event is related to a charitable initiative. James will be the executive producer of Best Shot, a high school basketball docuseries. Comedian and actor Jack Whitehall will be training with the world’s best football players in Training Days, which will be released ahead of the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

YouTube is attempting to provide premium programming to advertisers as ad-free subscription services in the same manner as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime Video.The video sharing platform is bringing back audience favourites such as an original series featuring pop star Demi Lovato, whose documentary Simply Complicated, released in October 2017, notched up 16 million views on the streaming platform.

The new batch of series was announced for advertisers at YouTube’s Brandcast event on May 3. “We see an opportunity to evolve and dig a little deeper using the global reach of YouTube to shine a light on human stories that inspire us and make us smarter,” YouTube Chief Business Officer Robert Kyncl said.