Netflix released the official trailer for the second season of its teen drama 13 Reasons Why on Tuesday. The second season will be premiered on the streaming platform on May 18.

The first season begins with high school student Clay Jensen finding a box of double-sided cassette tapes recorded by his friend Hannah Baker before she commits suicide. The tapes point to the reasons Hannah took her life. The trailer of the second season features Clay finding a photograph that mysteriously states “Hannah wasn’t the only one” even as the quest for healing continues.

13 Reasons Why has been created, written, and directed by Brian Yorkey and is based on a book of the same name by Jay Asher. Selena Gomez is the executive producer. The show has attracted some concerns from mental health professionals over its depiction of suicide.

Earlier this month, Yorkey told Entertainment Weekly that the second season would be “wider in range” than the first. “The biggest difference is in season 1, Hannah was telling us her story, we were experiencing it with Clay, and it was the central monolithic story of the season – her story, where it ended, and how that fell out in the present day,” he said. “Season 2 is very much more about everyone else’s perspective on that story – their side of the story, their reaction to it, their coming to terms or refusing to come to terms with their role in Hannah’s life and death.”