Veteran French-Swiss filmmaker Jean-Luc Godard has planned a roadshow based on his upcoming film The Image Book that will travel to Paris, Madrid, New York and Singapore, Variety reported. The exhibition will encompass 500 to 600 square meters and will “break down the images of Godard’s film to deliver an interactive experience”, the report said. The Image Book is currently competing for the Palme D’Or at the ongoing Cannes Film Festival and will be premiered on Friday. Few details of the film have been disclosed.

The Image Book.

The exhibition is being produced by Casa Azul’s Fabrice Aragno and Ecran Noir Productions’ Mitra Farahani, who also worked on the film. “Those who will discover the exhibit will walk through a forest of images and sounds,” Aragno told Variety. He compared the installation to Spanish artist Pablo Picasso’s huge anti-war oil painting Guernica, which was created after the bombing of the basque country village of the same name during the Spanish Civil War. “Except that Guernica related to one historical chapter, whereas The Image Book reflects on 200 years of history and gives some insight on today’s world,” he said.

Godard, who rarely acts, will also play himself in Mitra Farahani’s A Vendredi Robinson, which will chronicle a conversation between the pioneering French New Wave director and Iranian filmmaker and literary figure Ebrahim Golestan.