“Our story has already been predestined. The world or the people cannot change that,” the hero’s voiceover booms in the 50-second teaser for Sajid Ali’s upcoming film Laila Majnu.

The latest retelling of the story of star-crossed lovers Layla and Majnun has been co-written by Sajid Ali and his brother, Imtiaz Ali, and will be released on August 24.

While the cast is yet to be unveiled, Imtiaz Ali revealed that the film will have a new set of actors and a fresh approach. “Laila Majnu is an eternal story of everlasting love. It’s perhaps the most popular love story of all times,” Imtiaz Ali said in a press note. “For the film we wanted a fresh approach in all aspects – a fresh cast, a fresh script and a fresh setting. We had a great experience making the film and can’t wait to showcase it to the world.”

Laila Majnu (2018).