After Madhuri Dixit’s Marathi film Bucket List, DAR Motion Pictures is set to produce Lovetreats, a movie about a Bengaluru duo that sells imported sex toys and other intimate lifestyle products online.

Named after the portal, Lovetreats will trace Balaji T Vijayan and Ute Weimer’s journey of setting up the website in 2015.

Vijayan, an Indian, and Weimer, from Germany, reportedly met at a party and decided to collaborate on the project that allows Indians to access good quality adult toys, condoms and other intimate care products, with the idea of developing a positive and healthy relationship with sexuality.

Lovetreats is a humorous yet sympathetic take on human insecurities regarding sex and the constant struggle to overcome them,” Vivek Rangachari, Head of DAR Motion Pictures, said in a press note. “One of the joys of the story is the characters’ hard work and efforts to have a culturally acceptable veil while maintaining their truth. Their constant tussle to get accepted and to encourage their Indian customers to open up about sex and intimacy makes up for the majority of the hilarious situations that ensue by default.”

The cast and other details of the film are yet to be revealed.