Delhi Belly and Blackmail director Abhinay Deo will be working on a feature-length documentary “based on the transformation of India’s national psyche” following the improved fortunes of Indian sport, especially cricket, in the 2000s.

“The film is a docu-fiction about the transition of a nation, a story of billion people rising above the shadow of self-doubt to be confident in their own skin, with sport as the backdrop and an essential catalyst in the transformation,” a press release said. One of the key figures in the film will be the flamboyant cricket captain Sourav Ganguly, who steered India at the beginning of the new millennium. “The film puts together two dimensions of courage and identity, while one is portrayed through an audacious cricket captain under the harsh glare of the national spotlight,” the press release said. “The other reflects the life of an ordinary aam aadmi, questioning the relentlessly defined social structure in a small town in Northern India.” The film will include fictional elements, and will be aiming for a theatrical release in 2019.

“We’re collaborating with New York-based Stick Figure Productions, known for their last film Chasing Tyson directed by Oscar-nominated director Steven Cantor, for this project,” Deo said in a press release. “Whereas the Executive Producers are Rohan and Masha Sajdeh (or a Chicago-based investor team), who came up with the original idea and the screenplay has been written by an LA-based team of WGA writers under the supervision of Agnello Dias, India’s preeminent Ad Creative Director,” Deo said in the press release.