In the upcoming biographical thriller Lizzie, Craig William Macneill revisits the 1892 axe murders of Andrew and Abbey Borden in Fall River in the American state Massachusetts. Andrew Borden’s daughter, Lizzie Borden, was the main suspect in the case.

Chloe Sevigny plays Lizzie in Macneill’s film alongside Jamey Sheridan who plays her father, Fiona Shaw as Abbey Borden, Lizzie’s step-mother, and Kristen Stewart as the housemaid and Lizzie’s lover.

The trailer, released on Friday, opens with an investigation by prosecutor William Henry Moody (Jay Huguley) into the murder. “To your knowledge, did your father have any enemies,” he asks Lizzie (Sevigny). The question triggers a flood of memories for Lizzie of everything that led up to the gruesome murder.

Lizzie was premiered at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year and will be released on September 14.

Lizzie (2018).