Three films about disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein are being hawked at the Toronto International Film Festival market, including one about a fictional former assistant, The Hollywood Reporter said. “…a secret script by Kitty Green (Casting JonBenet) is making the rounds and has Toronto buyers riveted,” the publication said. “Currently untitled, the story is told from the perspective of a real-life Weinstein underling.”

The co-founder of Miramax Films and The Weinstein Company has been accused of sexually harassing and assaulting scores of women. Weinsten is out on bail after being investigated for complaints by six women.

The script by Kitty Green is backed by James Schamus, the producer of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000) and Brokeback Mountain (2005). The plot is reportedly on the lines of The Devil Wears Prada, a comedy about a tyrannical fashion magazine boss loosely based on Vogue editor Anna Wintour. Kitty Green “spent 10 months scouring thousands of stories in the public record and talked to scores of people to create the fictional character”, The Hollywood Reporter added. Among the characters is Weinstein’s ex-wife, fashion designer Georgina Chapman.

Also in the market are two documentaries: Weinstein, which has been directed by Ursula Macfarlane, and Barry Avrich’s The Reckoning: Hollywood’s Worst Kept Secret.

A feature film on the New York Times series that exposed Weinstein’s pattern of sexual harassment and abuse is also in the works.