The trailer for Netflix’s documentary series Dogs show humans and canines bonding across the world. The six-part series will be released on the streaming platform on November 16.

Six acclaimed directors have been roped in for the project: Amy Berg (Deliver Us from Evil), Richard Hankin (The Jinx), Heidi Ewing (Jesus Camp), TJ Martin and Daniel Lindsay (Undefeated, LA 92), and Roger Ross Williams (Life Animated).

A press release describes Dogs as “an elegant, engaging” documentary series “celebrating the deep emotional bonds” between people and their furry friends, according to a press release. It has been shot in Syria, Japan, Italy, Costa Rica, and the United States of America. “Dogs takes us on an inspirational journey exploring the remarkable, perhaps even magical qualities that have given these animals such a special place in all of our hearts,” the press release said. The series has been jointly developed by writer-producer Glen Zipper and Amy Berg.

Each episode will highlight a different story. The first episode centres on an 11-year-old girl who suffers from seizures and her pet dog who is trained to detect future attacks. Another revolves around a Syrian refugee in Germany trying to bring his Siberian husky that he left behind in his war-torn country. An episode set in Japan tells the story of two dog groomers who travel to California for a competition, while another is about an Italian fisherman whose dog is his business partner.