When South African cricketer Dale Steyn decided to ask his Twitter followers “what’s happening” on a Monday morning, he was probably expecting some casual conversation or a pleasant distraction. Instead, he was greeted with a barrage of tweets from fans of Tamil actor Ajith, who, for some incomprehensible reason, felt compelled to respond en masse to Steyn and inform him that Adchithooku, the first song from the star’s January 2019 release Vishwasam, was due to be come out later that evening.

When one of the users pointed out the absurdity of the replies, another user said “Summa poduvom” (let’s just post).

Steyn got a real-time glimpse of the countdown to the song’s release as fans of Ajith, also known as “Thala”, exchanged notes and expressed impatience and delight over the course of the day. Of the 1,500 responses to Steyn’s tweet, a majority seemed to be about Ajith.