Soni, Ivan Ayr’s feature-length directorial debut about gender and policing, will be premiered directly on Netflix. The streaming platform announced on Monday that the independent Hindi-language film will be available from January 18.

The film is named after a young Delhi Police sub-inspector who struggles with a bad marriage and simmering anger while on the job. Soni, played by Geetika Vidya Ohlyan, has a supervisor as well as supporter in her superintendent (Saloni Batra). Soni was premiered at the Venice Film Festival in the Horizons section in 2018, and was recently screened at the Mumbai Film Festival.

“We live in a society that has accepted to adjust and bear patriarchal norms and gender biases, and I believe that the release of the film on a global service like Netflix will help the voices of my characters reach a large and diverse audience base eloquently,” Ayr said in a press note. Ayr has previously directed the short films Lost and Found and Quest for a Different Outcome.

Soni (2018).