Barun Sobti plays the head of a sports management company in Kolkata in Mitali Ghoshal’s upcoming Hindi film 22 Yards. In the trailer released on Wednesday, Sobti’s character lists all that he does on the job. This includes being in charge of endorsements, marketing, sponsorship for cricket players and television and satellite deals. “I’m an agent, yes, but I’m a huge cricket fan first,” Sobti’s character declares.

Soon, a deal he brokers goes wrong and he gets a lot of bad press. “You have to do something that no agent has ever done before,” a character tells Sobti’s sports manager, prompting to him to come up with a plan that will salvage his reputation.

Also starring Amartya Ray, Rajit Kapur, Panchi Bora, Chaiti Ghoshal, Rajesh Sharma and Geetika Tyagi, 22 Yards will be released on February 22.

22 Yards (2019).