In Shilpa Srivastava’s short film Eerypur, the protagonist finds herself trapped in an aptly named small town where there is unexplained dread at every corner.

The film, released on YouTube, stars Shireen Mirza and Gopal K Singh. Mirza plays a young doctor who has come to take over a run-down clinic in the town. There is no one to help her settle in the new place except a mysterious caretaker, Yogi (Singh). A series of unnerving incidents ensures that the doctor is kept on the edge.

The film moves like a short episode of The Twilight Zone. The disconcerting background score and sound design are by Mishaal Chinai.


Srivastava has previously been an assistant director on the sets of Vasan Bala’s unreleased Peddlers (2012) and Shlok Sharma’s Haraamkhor (2017). She co-wrote Sharma’s Zoo, released in 2018.