In the first teaser of Doctor Sleep, we are back in a haunted hotel and back with the telepathic power known as “the shining”. Written and directed by horror film veteran Mike Flanagan, and starring Ewan McGregor, Kyleigh Curran and Rebecca Ferguson, Doctor Sleep will be released globally on October 30 and in the United States on November 8.

The movie is based on Stephen King’s 2013 novel of the same name, which is a sequel to The Shining. King’s 1977 bestseller was adapted by Stanley Kubrick in 1980 for a movie that is now regarded as a classic.

In Doctor Sleep, Ewan McGregor plays Danny Torrance 40 years after the events in The Shining but still troubled by the death of his father, Jack, who was possessed by demonic powers. Danny meets Abra (Kyleigh Curran), a teenager who shares his gift of extrasensory perception.

“Instinctively recognizing that Dan shares her power, Abra has sought him out, desperate for his help against the merciless Rose the Hat and her followers, The True Knot, who feed off the shine of innocents in their quest for immortality,” according to the official synopsis. “Forming an unlikely alliance, Dan and Abra engage in a brutal life-or-death battle with Rose.”

The teaser reveals that the sequel will contain references to Kubrick’s movie. These include the terrifying identical twins and a familiar-looking door in which a huge hole has been carved out.