What does it mean to be an Indian? It means being a fan of a sugary biscuit that melts when dunked in tea, Vir Das observes in his new comedy special for Netflix. “The Parle G – non-Indians, on behalf of a billion people, can I humbly say, (expletive) your cookies!” is Das’s verdict.

Vir Das For India is the comedian and occasional actor’s third collaboration with Netflix after Losing It and Abroad Understanding. Among the wisecracks in the trailer is one about homophobia: “Indian men are not afraid of being hit on by a gay man, you are just afraid you might like it,” Das says. He promises a Mother Teresa joke, and then the trailer ends, on a cliffhanger.

“It was a tough thing to find an India that all of us could hopefully relate to,” Das said through a press release. “Finally, I just thought India would be in the small things as much as the large. From our architecture to our biscuits, from our major values to our Chyawanprash, from our current newsworthy events to our Tinkle comics.”

Vir Das For India (2020).

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