Netflix has uploaded 10 documentaries, series and short films on YouTube to boost online learning and “help teachers around the world” during the coronavirus lockdown, the streaming platform said in a press statement on Friday.

The move ensures that non-Netflix subscribers will now be able to access the films through YouTube. “For many years, Netflix has allowed teachers to screen documentaries in their classrooms,” Netflix said in a statement. “However, this isn’t possible with schools closed.”

The list of films that can be viewed on YouTube for a limited period include:

Chasing Coral Divers, underwater photographers and marine biologists team up to capture the irreparable damage to coral reefs.

Chasing Coral.

Period. End of the Sentence Co-produced by Indian filmmaker Guneet Monga, this short documentary on social prejudice about menstruation won an Oscar in 2019.

Our Planet The wonders and glories of the natural world, spread over eight parts, narrated by David Attenborough, and produced by the creators of Planet Earth.

Babies (select episodes) A year in the life of infants around the world.


Explained (select episodes) Experts (remember them?) take viewers through important topics in the fields of science, history, politics and pop culture.

Abstract: The Art of Design The first season of the Abstract series provides explainers on the art, science, and philosophy of design.

Abstract: The Art of Design.