In Aban Bharucha Deohans’s thriller, a highly intelligent police officer cracks a murder case in seven days. The policeman is played by Manoj Bajpayee, ensuring that the old-fashioned whodunit has a spring in its step. Silence… Can You Hear it? is being streamed on Zee5.

Trekkers find the body of a young woman, her head smashed in. Two days before her death, Pooja (Barkha Singh) had spent time with Ravi, the politician husband of her friend Kavita, who happened to be away.

All fingers point at the imperious and entitled Ravi (Arjun Mathur): case closed even before it began. Despite Avinash (Bajpayee) asking all the right questions and uncovering the right leads, Bharucha Deohans’s screenplay withholds its aces, keeping its surprises till the very end.

Arjun Mathur in Silence… Can You Hear it? (2021). Courtesy Zee5.

Bajpayee is the soul of this twisty mystery. Possibly the last honest officer left in the Mumbai police, Avinash is recruited by the murder victim’s father to find the killer. Avinash’s idea of justice isn’t jaded and he is impatient too, which is what I need, declares the father (Shishir Sharma).

Avinash quickly assembles a team and gets to work. Prachi Desai, making a welcome comeback, is among the members of Avinash’s posse who help their boss join the dots within the week-long deadline and the movie’s 136-minute runtime.

Of dry wit and extraordinary powers of deduction, Avinash proves to be a fine investigator, willing to use unorthodox methods to nab the murderer. He recruits an unusual witness to help his efforts, but in the end, it’s what he sees, rather than what he hears, that proves to be the trump card in this perfectly serviceable thriller.

Silence… Can You Hear it? (2021).

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