The best tea is produced within narrow parameters of time, space, weather, genetics and expertise. The summer Muscatels from Darjeeling, for example, derive their musky flavour from a particular stress reaction due to pests, while the Assam Blacks are malty due to their proximity to the sea and rich alluvial soil. Tea Box works directly with over 150 tea growers in Darjeeling, Assam, Nepal and the Nilgiris to source the best teas.
Tea Box’s expertise extends beyond procuring to handling, storing and packaging as well. The processing of leaves is done via the hand-picking model to ensure the optimum size and texture of ingredients for a uniform infusion. It uses a first-of-its-kind cold storage facility for moisture and humidity control, because warm warehouses cause tea leaves to perspire and loose flavour. Tea Box retains the freshness of delicate tea leaves by using the vacuum pack technology for loose leaves and nitro flush technology for TeaPacs - tea bags it seals at the source itself.

Delicate flavours come alive in single-origin teas

The flavour the tea offers and the nuances of its aromatic liquor depend significantly on its freshness. The entire process - from Tea Box’s Siliguri facility to your home - takes only two weeks. You can choose from a wide selection of single-origin teas, plus a range of iced teas and flavoured and non-flavoured blends.

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Teabox is an Indian tea brand founded in 2012. It connects tea-drinkers to fresh tea, straight from the source. The company sells its products globally and has shipped to over 110 countries.