In its short existence, Matterden Carnival Cinema has come to be known as Mumbai’s mecca of arthouse cinema. Every Sunday afternoon, film enthusiasts gather in this charming single-screen theatre to watch and discuss specially curated Indian and international films of acclaim.

So far, Matterden CFC has brought to Mumbai’s cinephiles gems such as Cinema Paradiso, Rashomon, Pather Panchali, Bicycle Thieves and many more. It also regularly organises discussions with the filmmakers whose work it screens. It notably hosted Iranian indie film legend Majid Majidi for a discussion on his body of work at the screening of his most famous film, Children Of Heaven. The theatre is also emerging as Mumbai’s only dedicated space for independent cinema. Case in point, it served up a treat for serious fans of cinema in the form of a retrospective of experimental filmmaker and festival-favourite Amit Dutta.

Matterden CFC does more than just screen films, though. It’s a film society that caters to Mumbai’s hard core cinephiles. It is a place for collaborative film viewing, an incubating platform for upcoming filmmakers, and a workshop space for industry veterans to impart film education to the wider public. Matterden CFC now also offers an annual membership for film lovers, which covers all its Sunday film screenings along with special events in which filmmakers are invited for talks and discussions. For Mumbai’s cinephiles, it is a virtual ticket to 52 great cinema outings a year, and a community with a shared passion for films.

What’s Included: 10% off on the annual membership. The membership gives you access to 52 film screenings, one every Sunday afternoon for one year, and special screenings with filmmakers.

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Matterden CFC, in Mumbai's Lower parel, is India's first international film centre. It aims to break the barriers of the conventional movie watching experience.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Valid for 1 year from the date of your booking.
  2. Film schedule will be updated on the website every month.
  3. The booking/order ID is the membership number which has to be retained by the member as entry will be given on showing this membership number along with a valid photo ID.
  4. Members will receive a printed ticket of the Executive Class seating at the box office on showing the membership number and a photo ID.
  5. Seating preference is on first come first serve basis.
  6. The film show will start between 12pm to 2pm and members will be notified the final showtime in advance via an email.
  7. Venue: Matterden Carnival Cinemas, Lower Parel, Mumbai
  8. The membership is non-transferable.