During an event in Karnal, Haryana, reporters asked Ramdev about the ongoing fuel price hikes to which he said, “If fuel prices are low, the government won’t get enough tax. How will they run the country, pay salaries, build roads? Yes, inflation should go down but people should work hard. If I can work 18 hours a day as a monk, why can’t you?”

At this point he was interrupted by a reporter who reminded Ramdev of his 2014 comment where he said people should elect a government that can ensure petrol at Rs 40 a litre. Visibly annoyed by the interruption, Ramdev retorted, “Okay, I said it. What will you do about it? Don’t keep asking such questions. I’m not answerable to you.”

“Shut up or it won’t be good be for you,” he added. “Do not speak to me in this way, do you not come from a decent family?”