Journalist and political satirist Urvish Kothari Amit Shah’s ‘Hindi’ remark to his YouTube channel ‘Gujarati Funda’. At a meeting of the Parliamentary Official Language Committee on Thursday, Home Minister Amit Shah said that using Hindi as the medium of running the government would increase the language’s importance.

Urvish Kothari starts the video by addressing the Home Minister’s remark, “Today we are going to talk about Hindi in Hindi, because Mota Bhai (Amit Shah) has said that we should speak in Hindi”. “Don’t ask why,” continues Kothari, “Are you an anti-nationalist? No, right? Then stop asking questions and start speaking in Hindi’.

Kothari also addresses the criticism Amit Shah received over his remark, particularly from Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M K Stalin who said in a tweet that the Home Minister was threatening the pluralistic identity of India. “These people from the South are getting angry. Who’s telling them not to speak their language? But when they have to speak in English, they should speak in Hindi instead,” Kothari seems to clarify.

The video also mentions journalist Aakar Patel, who is in the news lately for being barred from leaving the country. “If you threaten the country’s unity then you won’t be allowed to go abroad, just ask Aakar Patel”.

Kothari’s video ends how it started. “Just don’t ask questions. You’ll forget your mother tongue if you ask so many questions”.