In a bid to cheer a young woman at the Conference on Skilling in Non-traditional Livelihoods (NTL) for Girls hosted by the Ministry of Women & Child Development, Union Minister Smriti Irani made a ‘fat’ joke on herself.

Discussing how NTL have helped many, Gulbshah Praveen from Bihar was invited on the stage to share her story. A victim of child marriage, the woman got emotional recollecting how she had to cross numerous hurdles to become self-reliant without the support from her own family while being abused. Trying to lighten the mood, Irani joked about her weight after knowing the woman now manages a confectionery shop. “You manage a Monginis and yet you didn’t get a cake for your ‘fat’ minister,” Irani said, getting laughs and applause from the audience. “If ever I get a chance, I will surely bring it,” Parveen replied.