Uttarakhand’s Finance Minister, Premchand Aggarwal, is at the centre of controversy after he and his entourage were caught on camera assaulting a man in Rishikesh on Tuesday. The victim, identified as Surendra Singh Negi, was beaten up in full view of other commuters on the road.

The video of the incident, which was widely shared on social media, shows Aggarwal arguing with Negi, before he slapped him. The minister’s security personnel then joined in, assaulting both Negi and another man who tried to intervene.

According to The Indian Express, Aggarwal later claimed that Negi was a blackmailer who had approached his car and started abusing him without provocation. Aggarwal alleged that Negi tore his kurta and attacked his security guard.

However, the Congress, ad a different version of events. According to The Times of India, Congress spokesperson Garima Dasau claimed that the incident was triggered by a minor traffic accident. “The minister’s car was stuck in a jam and the youth’s bike hit it,” Dasau claimed. “Over this seemingly trivial matter, the minister and his gunner launched an attack on the bike riders.”

Following the incident, the Superintendent of Police, Dehradun, was instructed to conduct an impartial inquiry into the matter based on evidence and facts, Times Now reported.