Former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan’s arrest on Tuesday led to violent protests in several cities across Pakistan. Khan was arrested after appearing at Islamabad High Court for a hearing in a corruption case.

Khan’s supporters also stormed the Army headquarters in Rawalpindi and the Corps Commander’s private residence in Lahore, where they vandalised and took away various items, including live peacocks. Videos of the violent protests have been widely circulated on social media. Section 144 has been imposed in several cities across Pakistan following the former PM’s arrest, Times Now reported.

According to the Islamabad Police’s official Twitter account, Khan was arrested in connection with a corruption case related to the Al-Qadir University for Sufism in Punjab province. The allegations against Khan and his wife, Bushra Bibi, are that they acquired land worth billions of rupees for their university from Malik Riaz, a powerful real estate tycoon.

According to an Al-Jazeera report, the National Accountability Bureau has accused Khan of striking a quid pro quo deal with Riaz regarding the university, which resulted in a loss of over $239 million to the national treasury.