The godman who toppled the Central Board of Film Certification and has occasionally broken the internet with his deadly earnest outlandishness, has returned for more. In February, Dera Sacha Sauda chief Gurmeet Singh released MSG: Messenger of God, a three hour-long propaganda-plus-recruitment video celebrating his superlative self. Audiences who sat through the masquerade of a movie expecting cheap thrills and party gag material have still not recovered from the experience of watching Singh declare and prove his greatness every other minute.

The sequel is already ready (who knows, it might be the second in a Lord of the Rings-style trilogy) and will be released sometime in September. The trailer for MSG 2 does not suggest that Singh, who claims to write his screenplays, has received his Syd Field screenplay tutorial yet, but it must be pointed out that Singh appears more concerned with corporeal matters than in the first. There is plenty of gravity-defining action for the young audiences whom Singh so badly wants to mesmerise. Bodies sail through the air, some of them in fatigues and others in what is known in costume designer parlance as “tribal dress”. A hapless elephant receives the Gurmeet Singh treatment, and electric guitars are abused. In short, more of the same, and barely seven months after the first. Only God can forgive.