No one is quite sure where Horn OK Please comes from, although the general belief is that it is a reminder to everyone on the road that you need to inform truck drivers whenever you’re around. One theory suggests that there used to be a bulb above the “OK” which would go on when the truck driver saw there was no oncoming traffic, making it safe for people behind to overtake. The bulbs may have disappeared, but overtaking and Indian roads in general, continue to be incredibly unsafe places, with almost twice the traffic deaths as China and one of the worst road-safety records on earth.

So any technology that can make the roads safer, would be welcome. Enter Samsung, with what is effectively a high-tech update of the old Horn OK Please idea. Samsung has come up with a prototype truck that has a wireless camera in the front and four giant screens on the back to display its front view to cars behind the truck.

The prototype was tried out in Argentina, which like India has one of the highest car accident rates in the world, with most of them involving passing on two-lane roads. With this concept technology, cars behind the truck can see what’s in front of the it, allowing them to decide whether to overtake. The trucks themselves are just a “non-operational” prototype for now, and while cameras and screens are getting cheaper every day, it’s unlikely to be cost-effective for truckers in India anytime soon. Still, it’s not hard to image having a system like this that could make overtaking on India’s roads that much easier, and safer.