Football is supposed to be a simple game, right? The rules are simple: you have to put the ball through the goal at the other end to score.

Someone obviously did not send that memo to Barbados and Grenada on January 27, 1994 which culminated in what has been called "one of the strangest football games ever."

To be fair, it was the twisted rules of the Caribbean Cup that led to the madness. The tournament had a strange rule regarding qualification – matches tied after regulation time would go into extra-time with a golden goal counting as double. Barbados and Grenada were playing their last group game. With Grenada at three points and a goal difference of +2, the only way Barbados could qualify to the next stage was by defeating Grenada with a two-goal margin.

Barbados kicked off the game and scored two goals, ensuring that they were on course to qualify for the next stage. But that's when things went haywire. Grenada scored a goal in the 83rd minute. This goal meant Grenada would go the next stage despite losing.

But Barbados thought otherwise. Realising that a golden goal would count as double in extra time, Barbados threw caution to the wind and deliberately scored an own goal in the 87th minute to force the game into extra time.

Grenada caught on to Barbados' tactics. They realised that they would be able to qualify by scoring a goal in either net - which led to the incredible sight of the Grenadian team trying to score in either net with Barbados players trying to defend both goals.

Ultimately, Barbados did manage to achieve what they had set out to do - the game went into extra-time where they scored a golden goal. The scoreline thus read 4-2 and Barbados progressed to the next round. The match though has become infamous in history and for good reason too!