Over in the United States, the 50th edition of the Super Bowl, one of its grandest sporting events, will take place on Sunday. The Super Bowl decides the winner of the National Football League, one of America's biggest football leagues. And whether you're a fan of American football or not, the video above shows how the way you watch sports in the future could change.

In collaboration with the National Football League, Microsoft has unveiled a trailer of its HoloLens device – what it calls the world's first fully untethered holographic computer.

And as the video above shows, sports-watching as we know it could change forever. The HoloLens device allows the viewer to project the match on their coffee table, bring players to life through giant 3D displays and pull up instant replays, all sitting in the comfort of their living-room.

If it sounds incredible, it is. Take a look and prepared to be stunned. And who knows, if it's NFL right now, it could always be the Indian Premier League final tomorrow.