On March 1, Mumbai's iconic music store Rhythm House shut shop. With the last clearance sales ending, the store closed before the scheduled date of March 7. The blue facade, with the name lettered across it, was a landmark in Mumbai's Kala Ghoda area.

The video above is a farewell that the music store put up on its Facebook page on Friday.

Started in 1945, Rhythm House has been a haven for music lovers, its patrons including big names from the Indian film industry. Besides its collection of music, the store was known for its sharp and knowledgeable staffers, who are seen in the video holding signs representing the array of music offered.

One of the institutions that has made Kala Ghoda a hub of art and culture, Rhythm House was the first and, often, the only name mentioned when it came to Mumbai’s music stores. Of the many heartfelt messages posted, most said, “thank you for the music.”