World leaders are competing to be cool.

On Wednesday night, it was Barack Obama's turn. the Obamas danced the famous Argentine tango during a state dinner in Buenos Aires. But not together. The US President and First Lady were in Argentina after a historic visit to Cuba.

The Associated Press reported that Obama initially declined a dancer's outstretched hand, several times – but then relented and joined her on the floor, dancing for about a minute to the dramatic tango music (video above).

While not exactly graceful, the president managed to keep up with his clearly more talented partner.

First Lady Michelle Obama tangoed too, albeit less dramatically, with another partner, looking way more comfortable.

On this official state visit, President Obama has promised to declassify documents relating to the American involvement in a dark chapter of Argentina's history known as the "Dirty War". The seven year dictatorship saw wide-scale murders and disappearances by the government, with support from the US.