On Wednesday students from the Hyderabad Central University reported that their access to water, ATMs, the Internet, and even food had been cut off. To counter the food problem, students decided to cook and eat collectively. While the food was being cooked, police reportedly attacked the students and took one of them, Uday Bhanu, into their police van.

In the video above, Bhanu describes what happened while he was in the van. He says the police put his fingers in the curved slots on the steps of the van "bus" and were stepping on them. He also says that he told the policemen that he had recently been operated upon and was bleeding and requested them to let him go.

"I humbly requested them please leave me. I got operated, it is bleeding. They were not at all interested... They don't have any sympathy towards my problem. At that time when I was telling them, they opened my legs and hit there only directly..."

Bhanu mentions an individual named "Lal" who was particularly aggressive. He says that, besides hitting him, "Lal" used "very abusive and unparliamentary language". And that though he appeared to be a policeman, he wasn't wearing the uniform.

The PhD student was in the police van for up to 50 minutes, and students weren't allowed to go near the van during that time, The Times of India reported, quoting a political science student Anirudh Roy.

Once released, Bhanu had to be taken to a private hospital as his injuries were too severe for the university medical centre.