Bharat and mata? Here's a pertinent question raised in the video above.

“If Bharat is a man, why are you calling him mata?” asks the man as he cruises around in a car.

The unidentified man cites the story of Shakuntala and King Dushyant, whose son was named Bharat. In this story Bharat became a great king, and the country was named after him.

“According to this story, Bharat was named Bharat after Dushyant and Shakuntala's son, which means that Bharat is a male name... How can you say Bharat mata ki jai, if Bharat is a man?” The questioner is relentless.

“And if you try to prove a man to be a woman, then it won't remain either.”

The solution? “Let's not raise this issue. Let's not get into the gender identity of our nation. Everyone loves their nation and they want what's good for it.”