In February 2016, during the Haryana Jat quota agitation, there were reports of women being gangraped in Murthal village, though no police reports were filed. In April, the receipt of two anonymous letters by alleged victims of the rapes finally led to the police adding gangrape charges to the FIR in the case.

The whole thing was quite hushed, with only anonymous victims and just a few eyewitnesses. An eyewitness who saw men pull women into the fields says he received an anonymous threat call (video above).

Bobby Joshi says the caller told him, “You’re speaking too much, we’ll sort you out.” He says he has reported it to the police and requested another woman who was witness to the events to come out and speak.

Of the two letters the police received, one was posted from Mathura Road, Faridabad, and said the victim was returning home with her father from a college hostel on February 21 during the Jat quota agitation when she was allegedly gangraped by rioters.

In the second letter, which has been circulating on social media, the woman says she was travelling on NH-1 with her family when some protestors raped her. This CNN-IBN report details her letter.